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Retaining Wall Contractor Penticton


Fuller’s Landscape Co. is a new option if you’re looking for a retaining wall contractor in Penticton. We are now taking on retaining wall projects in the beautiful city of Penticton, BC!  Whether you’re a homeowner, builder, or developer Fuller’s can help you with everything from ground preparation to material selection.

We are the leading retaining wall contractor in the Okanagan for a reason! Fuller’s treats each retaining project with care and attention and we stand by our work.  Retaining walls are a necessity in many Okanagan landscapes to retain sloping banks, and create more space. Our team specializes in natural stone retaining walls, using locally quarried stones like Kettle Valley Granite and Mountain Ash. We’re experts in all kinds of manufactured stone retaining walls, including Gabion Basket systems, Verti-Block, and concrete block walls. 

If you’ve been dreaming about carving out some extra space to enjoy those long summer nights outside then get in touch with us for a FREE quote. Our Penticton landscape installers can help you get started in the right direction! 

Give our retaining wall contractor a call today and we’d be happy to take a look at your retaining wall project in Penticton and the South Okanagan today.our re




Verti-block has exploded as the engineered retaining wall of choice in Penticton and other south Okanagan communities. Verti-block has a uniform look to it with natural-looking details to enhance its appearance. Verti was engineered to save time for builders and save money for owners. It has a unique lightweight form allowing it to be placed easier and faster compared to other materials. This popular engineered stone is lighter than other similar products and that also contributes to a faster installation.  Drainage is another benefit of using a Verti – block retaining wall system. This product has been engineered to consider important details like drainage and transport. If you have a large amount of space that needs to be meticulously retained then consider Verti-block. 

Verti block retaining wall contractor Penticton
Natural stone retaining wall contractor penticton


Natural stone retaining walls can be found in numerous areas of Penticton. Wineries use them to not only create space but also as an aesthetic detail. Nothing invokes an old-world European feel more than natural stone. With the right plantings, you can transform your landscape into a Mediterranean oasis. It’s a less-known benefit but plants love the great soil and drainage that a natural stone retaining wall organically creates. Natural stone retaining walls require experience. Level walls are the most eye-pleasing, so site preparation is key. Another important factor is the stone selection. As a retaining wall contractor in Penticton, we work closely with local suppliers and they ensure that we have access to the best stones for the job. 


Engineered retaining walls are the ideal solution for many different sizes of property retention in Penticton. We use Engineered retaining walls to create space for swimming pools, and decks or even to create more useable back-garden space. Engineered- walls are uniform and often they can be the preferred choice of subdivision developers in Penticton.   

Large wall retaining Penticton
Masonary Retaining Walls Penticton


Masonry retaining walls are the most popular retaining wall when you need to bring the ground level up to a certain height. Engineered blocks of stone like Verti-block allow us to stack and step-back stones with accuracy and precision. This is very important from a safety standpoint and it’s important to realize that permits are required along with engineering stamps on retaining walls over a certain height. Fuller’s Landscape Co. will help you square away all of these important details throughout your retaining wall build in Penticton. 


If you like the look of wood then a wood retaining wall might be the right choice! Treated wood retaining walls were so popular in the ’70s-’80s and they’re certainly having another moment in the spotlight. We are seeing more and more customers in Penticton requesting them. Wood retaining walls can be slightly more affordable than their stone counterparts. This is all dependent on the prep and site work required. They look great when integrated into a number of scenarios. Treated wood is also great for building raised planter beds and bordering gardens for a clean edge. 

Railroad Tie Retaining Walls Penticton